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About Tiddlekicks?

Tiddlekicks was founded in 2014 by myself, Kendal, whilst I was heavily pregnant with my second child! It is a small locally run business developed in the Derbyshire area. I have always been passionate about keeping children active and began my working career in childcare. Although not a footballer myself I spent most weekends (and week nights) supporting my sister play for Derby ladies and other local teams! Before meeting my partner who is football mad too!

Tiddlekicks is a programme based on the fundamentals of football and introduces children to the basic skills required to play football when they are older. Whilst our sessions are far from a match of football the elements we cross over nicely when they are old enough for a ‘real’ team.

Tiddlekicks sessions are planned to vary each week but have basic foundations and routines. The correct amount of repetition allows your child to get used to the session structure but also offers the right amount of challenge when things get switched up a little. Parental participation is key to the success of the sessions, it allows parents and children to learn and play together..

Joining Us
Our Approach

Tiddlekicks is not like most other pre-school activities and therefore to ensure that you are able to truly maximise your time with Tiddlekicks:

  • all children must sign up on a term basis (terms are loosely based on school terms)

  • all children must wear the Tiddlekicks kit (this one-off kit fee is required to help us maintain a non-competitive theme within the sessions, whilst also enabling all little ones to feel part of the same team)

  • parents are expected to participate with their child (ensuring each child has one-on-one attention throughout, providing the best environment for learning)

Tiddlekicks focuses on:

  • providing your child with the individual attention

  • utilising all parts of their body to provide better control

  • encouraging the use of both left and right feet

  • learning in a non-competitive environment

At Tiddlekicks, regardless of whether your child is the strongest, biggest or fastest in a group, we aim to ensure your child can maximise their individual potential.

With all sessions being fun and fast paced, we not only ensure that children are kept active throughout the sessions, but we are able to teach a wide range of skills that help your child improve their agility, balance and coordination.

All sessions use a variety of equipment, including skittles, hoops, bean bags, balance boards and so much more, that has been specially designed for your child to learn soccer skills, numeracy, colour recognition, balance, coordination and social skills.

The footballs we use have been specifically chosen they are small and ensure that they are perfect for your child to control and learn new skills.

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