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Welcome to Tiddlekicks!

Tiddlekicks is a toddler football club with the fundamentals of football and pre-school learning blended together to create fun and interactive sessions for both parent and child. Keeping your little ones active from a young age to give them the best start in life. 

Tiddlekicks focuses on:


  • providing your child with the individual attention

  • utilising all parts of their body to provide better control

  • encouraging the use of both left and right feet

  • learning in a non-competitive environment


Our Unique Sessions

Sessions are split into four stages and focus on a child's ability:

STAGE 1.jpeg

Stage 1 (6 months to walking)

These sessions concentrate on the child’s lower limbs, helping them to develop flexibility in their feet and ankles. Sessions will also focus on helping children to move about, using appropriate exercises, parental support and activities. Stage 1 sessions will run for 30 minutes which provides the correct amount of time to keep your little ones engaged.

STAGE 2.jpeg

Stage 2 (walking to 2.5 years)

These sessions are designed for children who can walk confidently. With parental participation, these 40 minute sessions will introduce children the basics of footballing from kicking and passing, turn taking, juggling and small team games.

STAGE 3.jpeg

Stage 3 (2.5 years to 4 years)

These sessions are 40 minutes require parental participation as children start to become more confident in how to control the ball, learn a variety of passes, dribbling skills and take part in team games.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-28 at 14.08.56.jpeg

Stage 4 (4 years to 6 years)

These advanced sessions are 40 minutes and will provide your child with the confidence to utilise their skills without parental support. In this session a child will also be encouraged to perform skills independently and to work as part of a small team.

Membership Kit

The membership kit is currently under review in the hope to bring you a new cost friendly package! 

The kit will always include a uniform for your little one, an achievement record and certificates, a bag, a water bottle and cover insurance for the sessions your little one attends.

Membership kits will be available soo

Crawling after the ball was definitely her favourite activity. The variety was fantastic and each activity was explained in detail how it will progress in the future.
My little boy loves his Saturday morning at Tiddlekicks. He has a great right foot and listening isn’t his greatest skill but the coaches have been beyond patient with him. He loves the football games especially the parachute game, we would recommend Tiddlekicks to anybody who’s child has the love for a ball 
Our son has really grown in confidence since joining tiddlekicks. We really enjoy all of the activities and the leaders are always so welcoming and engaging. He always has a long sleep afterwards, which is a bonus
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