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7 Blacksmith Croft, Marehay, Ripley, DE5 8JL

Tiddlekicks focuses on:

  • providing your child with the individual attention
  • utilising all parts of their body to provide better control
  • encouraging the use of both left and right feet
  • learning in a non-competitive environment

At Tiddlekicks, regardless of whether your child is the strongest, biggest or fastest in a group, we aim to ensure your child can maximise their individual potential.

With all sessions being fun and fast paced, we not only ensure that children are kept active throughout the sessions, but we are able to teach a wide range of skills that help your child improve their agility, balance and coordination.

All sessions use a variety of equipment, including skittles, hoops, bean bags, balance boards and so much more, that has been specially designed for your child to learn soccer skills, numeracy, colour recognition, balance, coordination and social skills.

The footballs we use have been specifically chosen they are small and ensure that they are perfect for your child to control and learn new skills.

Children attending the sessions are encouraged to feel part of a team by wearing our Tiddlekicks custom-made green and blue kits, while keeping track of their progress in the specially designed award scheme.


Sessions are split into four stages and focus on a child's ability:

Stage 1 (6 months to walking)

These sessions concentrate on the child’s lower limbs, helping them to develop flexibility in their feet and ankles. Sessions will also focus on helping children to walk and move, using appropriate exercises and activities. Stage 1 sessions will run for 30 minutes which provides the correct amount of time to keep your little ones engaged.

stage 2 (Walking to 3 years)

These sessions are designed for children who can walk confidently. With parental participation, in these 40 minute sessions, children will start to learn footballing basics from kicking and passing, to turning and juggling.

stage 3 (3 years to 4 years)

These 45 minute sessions introduce the child to control the ball with all body parts, learn a variety of passes, dribbling movements and much much more.

stage 4 (4 years to 6 years)

These advanced sessions last 45minutes and will provide your child with the confidence to utilise their skills without parental support. In this session a child will also be encouraged to perform independently and to work as part of a team.